Current Propane Prices

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Tanks Under 120 Gallons

$ 3.099

Per Gallon

120-499 Gallon Tanks

$ 2.099

Per Gallon

500-999 Gallon Tanks

$ 1.799

Per Gallon

1000+ Gallon Tanks

$ 1.599

Per Gallon


For almost a century, Harned Durham Energy has been a household name for fuel oil delivery. We’ve kept your family warm during the cold winters, and fixed your air conditioning during the dog days of summer. At Harned Durham Energy we are determined to bring you the best prices for the best quality product.

Propane is a secure and convenient form of home heating fuel. It is domestically produced, and its efficiency is able to meet a variety of needs. In addition to outdoor grills, fire pits, and flame lighting, propane can also be used to fuel space heaters as well as your water heater.

According to United State Department of Energy, propane is a clean-burning, high-energy alternative that has been used for decades. Environmentally friendly, propane is the fuel of choice for many business and commercial accounts in the Unites States.

Harned Durham Energy, as a home heating fuel provider, wishes to help more customers have a voice in the way their homes are heated. We believe it might be comforting to know that the fuel you are using is safe for the environment

Are you thinking about converting to propane? Our experienced team is able to professionally install a tank that will fit your demand. If you already own a propane tank, simply register and we will fill your tank as often as you need.